Large Milkbar Pillow – Grey


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The Grey coloured Milkbar lifestyle Twin Pillow is a compact, portable and stylish breast feeding pillow. It has a zip-off washable cover and washable inner pillow. Designer sand colour combination tones well with home decor. One end of the Milkbar Breast Feeding Pillow is higher than the other so baby’s head is at breast height. Can also be used as a sleep support pillow, to encourage better posture or using as a travel pillow. It offers the perfect gift.

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The Grey Twin Milkbar nursing pillow is:

  • great for both breast and bottle-feeding newborns and infant twins or as a pregnancy support sleeping pillow, travel or kids snuggle pillow
  • 100% Australian owned
  • an Australian design by a mother of three children
  • fully washable: – removable 100% Cotton cover – all new polyester washable filling; non-allergenic and odourless
The Milkbar nursing pillow:

  • supports baby’s weight while feeding, reducing neck, back and arm strain
  • elevates baby’s head to a comfortable level for feeding and aids digestion
  • allows baby’s to be nursed on either side
  • maximises both baby’s and mother’s comfort
  • adapts to all waist and chair shapes
  • helps protect delicate abdominal area after Caesarean Section deliveries
  • has a convenient carry handle.

CAUTION: The Milkbar nursing pillow should only be used while in a sitting position, holding your baby at all times

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