Can I use my Milkbar Pillow lying down
No - The Milkbar nursing pillow should only be used while in a sitting position, holding your baby at all times.
Can I wash my Milkbar Pillow
Yes - The Milkbar Pillow is fully washable:

  • Removable 100% Cotton cover
  • All new polyester washable filling - non-allergenic and odourless
Can I use the Milkbar Pillow after a Caesarean
Yes - The Milkbar Pillow's design helps protect the delicate abdominal area after Caesarean Section
Can the Milkbar Pillow be used for Bottle Feeding
Yes - The Milkbar Pillow is great for both breast-feeding and bottle-feeding newborns and infants - plus its unique design makes it great as a pregnancy support sleeping pillow, travel or kids snuggle pillow.

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